Dealing with Death When You Do Not Believe in an “After-Life”

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In January of 2016, my father had several unexplained seizures. Doctors discovered multiple tumors in his brain, and later in other organs throughout his body. He died in March of that same year at the age of 64. In April, my friend Dave was hit by a drunk driver who was speeding in a stolen [...]

Trump and Autocracy

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A Talk by Mel Lipman, HUUmanist Forum, August 27, 2017 The poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti celebrated his 98th birthday a few months ago.  In 2007, after we learned that we were lied to by our government regarding Iraq's  “weapons of mass destruction”,  he wrote a poem called “Pity the Nation”.  Unfortunately, that poem has become even [...]

Humanism in the Time of Trump

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The following thoughts are from our member Hyrum H. Huskey Jr. It’s mind-boggling to me. These last few months of the ascendancy of our latest President will surely be referred to by future historians as “The Time of Trump”. Life goes on amid disbelief, chaos, inconceivable Cabinet appointments, attacks on the press, and overreactions by [...]

Will the Tuam Babies Scandal Ignite an Investigation into Church-State Relations in Ireland?

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Sometimes I think it is easy to forget why the basic principle of separation of church and state is so important. This shocking article was in the online publication TheHumanist.org (Link to website and article) In 2012 amateur historian Catherine Corless began investigating the abandoned Bon Secours Mother and Baby Home in Tuam, County Galway, [...]

Transgender Rights Under Attack – AHA Condemns Justice Dept Actions

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HA Executive Director Roy Speckhardt Responds to President Trump’s Decision to Reverse Protections for Transgender Students “President Trump continues to show his complete disregard for basic human rights in his decision to reverse the Obama administration’s vital protections for transgender students. We humanists oppose discriminatory claims, largely perpetuated by extremist religious groups, that transgender students [...]

Follow Up To Good Without God

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It was gratifying to see Professor Lipman’s essay, particularly his comments on “Good Without A God”, a phrase which appears to be a revision to Good Without God, to which I previously objected. I was unaware that the original phrase had been improved in this way.I had been hoping that others might continue the discussion [...]

The Problem with “Good Without God”

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You’ve probably heard the news by now that the fastest-growing religion in the USA is “Nones”. This misunderstood group is often defined as those who don’t belong to or attend a church, or subscribe to any dogmatic belief system. This statistic is said to include atheists and agnostics, secularists and humanists. Of course, Nones aren’t [...]

Can One be Moral and Not Believe in a God?

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Can one be moral and not believe in a god? Questioning the perspectives of Atheists and Theists will achieve some answers to this questions. Although most of the world’s population upholds certain beliefs and principles in worshiping a particular god, we should keep in mind that critical review of religious rationale and applications of committed [...]

My Conversation with God

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-Hi God. -How are you my son? -Not so bueno, God. You see, my mother is sick. -Don’t you think I know that? -Well yes, I guess that being God, you would have to know that. -So, what do you want? -Well, uh, I wanted to ask you to heal her. -Let me ask you [...]