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Project Description


The Teen Council will be a self directed youth group.  Initial proposal includes 3 meet-ups per month  with oversight and support by leadership of the SALV and HALV organizations, which would be:

  1.  One meeting (during assmebly or otherwise),  for planning, decision making
  2.  One ‘HANG OUT’ where they can have an organized activity at c-saw or have a party,  on a Friday or Saturday, with a chaperone,
  3.  One (which earns entry to the party night) volunteer activity- even if it is just picking up trash in a city park or scrubbing down a playground

The idea is to foster community while imparting a need to be community builders and leaders.

We are doing research for recommendations on appropriate volunteer activities for the group, and seeking donations to be able to set up the program, and provide a stipend for one adult who will work closely with the group to provide guidance and oversight and be a liaison between the Teen Council the larger community.

Project Details