My Conversation with God

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My Conversation with God

-Hi God.

-How are you my son?

-Not so bueno, God. You see, my mother is sick.

-Don’t you think I know that?

-Well yes, I guess that being God, you would have to know that.

-So, what do you want?

-Well, uh, I wanted to ask you to heal her.

-Let me ask you something my son.


-Do you believe that if I wanted you mother to die, she would die?


-And do you believe that if I wanted your mother to get better, she would?


-And do you believe that I know a little more than you about certain things.

-Of course, my Lord. You know everything.

-Then, why do you assume that your request will have any effect on my decision?

-Well…uh… you see… uh… I thought that…

-NO! The problem is that you STOPPED THINKING. Now please stop wasting my time and go call a doctor for your mother.

-Yes! Thank you Lord! Aleluya! Amen! Praise you!

-Please leave.

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