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Good Without a God

It has been implied that the slogan, “Good without a god” implies the existence of a god. That is not so. The slogan clearly implies, “good without a belief in the existence of a god”. It could say, “good without unicorns” or “good without tooth fairies”, but that is not the intent of our slogan. Since many people believe they are good because of their belief in a god, we are making it clear that we are not part of that majority, and our goodness has nothing to do with belief in a god. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the slogan “Good without a god”.

But let’s stop living in a dream world in which we think we will convince god-believers they are wrong and we are right. Instead, let’s be realistic. We don’t need gods to be good. But others may have that need. If we are all “good”, do our motives really matter?

Let’s encourage those without a belief in the supernatural to stop being afraid to admit it, while acknowledging that we will not change the convictions of others.

Good people have many allies among atheists as well as among religious people. Let’s align with all those who are “good” rather than driving them away.

God belief does not exist for me. But it is not important enough to cause me to shun those who have much in common with me despite their belief in a god. I have much more in common with religionists such as John Shelby Spong, Welton Gaddy, Barry Lynn, Gard Jameson, Aslam Abdullah, Jimmy Carter, etc., than I do with many atheists.

I am good without a god belief. Others are good with a god belief. It is the “good” that is more important to me than the god belief.

We may not agree on the existence of a god or an afterlife, but surely we can agree that life in the here and now requires that we create peaceful, collaborative ways to work and live together.

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