-Hi God.

-How are you my son?

-Not so bueno, God. You see, my mother is sick.

-Don’t you think I know that?

-Well yes, I guess that being God, you would have to know that.

-So, what do you want?

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According to hard evidence from the University of Chicago’s survey “Belief about God across Time and Countries” the number of believers in religion has dropped in 30 countries since 1991, and from 1991 to 2008 atheists numbers grew in 23 of 30 countries. In the same report [surveyors reported never believing in god] rose in 14 of 17 countries from 1991 to 2008. It is this last entry that should spawns some deep thought. What would incite someone to list themselves in that order on the survey? People are now coming out and away from religious holds. What’s causing this, what changing their minds? Could it be they made contact with someone who was clear on their own meaning of being godless and was comfortable to engage their friends and family? Was it someone who was seeking a stronger person in the context of being godless, enough in their own nature of being godless that they could actually assist in changing the minds of those who might want to convert to Atheism?

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