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Follow Up To Good Without God

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It was gratifying to see Professor Lipman’s essay, particularly his comments on “Good Without A God”, a phrase which appears to be a revision to Good Without God, to which I previously objected. I was unaware that the original phrase had been improved in this way.I had been hoping that others might continue the discussion [...]

The Problem with “Good Without God”

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You’ve probably heard the news by now that the fastest-growing religion in the USA is “Nones”. This misunderstood group is often defined as those who don’t belong to or attend a church, or subscribe to any dogmatic belief system. This statistic is said to include atheists and agnostics, secularists and humanists. Of course, Nones aren’t [...]

Can One be Moral and Not Believe in a God?

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Can one be moral and not believe in a god? Questioning the perspectives of Atheists and Theists will achieve some answers to this questions. Although most of the world’s population upholds certain beliefs and principles in worshiping a particular god, we should keep in mind that critical review of religious rationale and applications of committed [...]

My Conversation with God

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-Hi God. -How are you my son? -Not so bueno, God. You see, my mother is sick. -Don’t you think I know that? -Well yes, I guess that being God, you would have to know that. -So, what do you want? -Well, uh, I wanted to ask you to heal her. -Let me ask you [...]