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Humanist Association of Las Vegas and Southern Nevada

Who We Are

HALV is a nonprofit educational organization whose main purpose is to promote humanism as a viable alternative to supernatural and theistic belief systems. We serve as a forum for humanists, atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and other like-minded individuals in the Las Vegas area. We promote the Jeffersonian principle of separation of religion and government, the rights of nonreligious people in our society, free inquiry and thought, a naturalistic view of the universe and a reason-based, secular ethical system. Our membership is open to all like-minded people without regard to race, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability, political or other affiliations.

HALV is a chapter of the American Humanist Association .

Latest Posts

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Black History Month

February 6th, 2018|0 Comments

Sincere Kirabo is the social justice coordinator at the American Humanist Association. Sincere is a writer and humanist activist who focuses on cultivating increased critical consciousness of social injustice, particularly within humanist spaces. His work can [...]

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February 6th, 2018|0 Comments

Amy Couch is the communications manager for the American Humanist Association. Prior to working for the AHA she spent ten years creating therapeutic, recreational, and educational programs for individuals with special needs and their families. Over 47 [...]